For the past 170 years, we have been manufacturing high-quality soaps for the old and new recipes and processes. In our manufacturing facility in Heidelberg, specially compacted and thus high-yielding fine soaps are produced during a careful production process in five-time rolling.

Quality and tradition are very important to us. Thus, we only use the best ingredients for our products, which we manufacture, in addition to modern production techniques, still partly by hand with the help of up to 100 years old molds.

Just as important as preserving traditional recipes, we focus on constant innovation with regard to highly functional and above all sustainable vegetable ingredients. Each of our products tells its own unique story. One thing, however, combines all clear soaps: creating unforgettable washing experiences for all the senses.



Who hasn't experienced that wonderful forest scent? Especially in autumn, when the dew is still on the moss, a few porcini mushrooms have fought their way through the thicket and everything is quiet, then the forest smells especially good.  We wanted to capture exactly this scent: Tart and fresh at the same time. With a mixture of sandalwood, coriander and eucalyptus we succeeded. A slightly woody note is accompanied by freshness. These ethereal scents have a positive effect on our mood and ensure a clear mind. Our new autumn soap "Forest" is like a walk on an October morning.