The Medicinal Toothpaste Couto played an important role on changing oral hygiene habits of the PortugueseCouto Medicinal Toothpaste was created by Dr. Alberto Ferreira Couto, on June 13th 1932 in the city of Porto in Portugal. The doctor, helped by a dentist who was a friend of his, created a toothpaste, to protect the gums against gingival recession. This natural product was so effective that in its native country, saying “Couto Paste” is still synonymous with toothpaste.

Couto toothpaste not only cleans teeth, it disinfects the mouth as well. Thanks to its antiseptic properties it fights mouth infections and inflammatory conditions and prevents cavities.

Couto should be administered with a quality toothbrush, rubbing teeth and gum-border, so that toothpaste penetrates in the spaces between the teeth. The toothpaste shall be left in contact with the mucous-membrane for one or two minutes, before rinsing the mouth with water - this will maximize the effectiveness in reducing gum recession.

Couto toothpaste is not tested on animals and does not have any ingredients from animals. It does not contain SLS (Sodium Lauril Sulfate). It's formula is more concentrated that other toothpastes, so less quantity in the brush is needed.

It does not contain any Fluoride, which has been showned that it is not as beneficial for teeth health as thought, since fluoride consumption and ingestion has been linked to numerous diseases including cancer.

A very special toothpaste - you got to try it.
Product Features 

  • Made in Portugal
  • Original 1930's packaging.
  • Original name is 'Pasta Dentifrica Couto'
  • High-powered mint flavor Couto Toothpaste really cleans teeth and brings fresh breath.
  • One of the most powerful toothpastes available.
  • Original vintage package.

Product Weight: 120g

Ingredients: Aqua; Hydroxyapatite; Glycerin; Potassium Chlorate; Hydroxyethylcellulose; Soium C12-18 Alkyl Sulfate; Mentha Piperita; Menthol; Paraffinum Liquidum; Anethol; Sodium Saccharin; Thymol; Eugenol; Limonene.