Smith Journal

Really excited to add Smith Journal to our collection of magazines at the store - Check out the summary below and the video clip to see what I mean.

There are stories that will make you think: grand designer Kevin McCloud discusses how bui
ldings can make life better – and the importance of a good toilet seat. Five first-time dads from varying eras talk about age and fatherhood. And a guy who has spent half his life overcoming danger and making peace with fear in the remotest parts of the world explains his greatest trial: balancing family responsibility with the urge to explore the world, alone.

There are stories that will take you to different places: a pint of beer brewed in the Palestinian West Bank; a simple pair of boots handmade in a small Namibian workshop; a bottle of wine grown by a rock star in the Arizona desert; and a barrel of whisky distilled from the peat bogs and lush grasslands in southern Tasmania.

There are stories that will change the way you see the world, like the tale of a man who lived with a wolf for 11 years and found himself estranged from the human world, or the first-hand account of a soldier at war who tried to help where he could and only kill when he had to.

Finally, there are stories that you never want to end. We asked seven writers to tell us what happened after Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and put together a dedicated short-fiction feature that will transport you from the pages and into another world where Cameron is a killer, Sloane is a scholar and Ferris is a fry cook on Venus.